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Designing water slides

Designing Water Parks

We design a wide variety of water slides

We make precise 3D models of water slides that have the capability to be viewed using VR technology.

Support structures are designed using a fully parameterized support system.


We use a system of parameterized support structures of our own design for our projects.


We make precise numerical simulations in order to ensure the safety of our slide designs.


We create designs based on commercially available glide elements made of polyester glass laminate.


We make 3D models of designed slides to verify that there will be no collisions with other existing objects.


Our models are made with BIM technology, allowing us to have the purchaser’s required information almost instantly.

Our passion is designing

We are a team of engineers who were friends before and who have decided to work together. We also share a passion to create, perform, and provide work based on the highest standards. We have chosen a narrow field of specialization in which we have become leaders in the market. We are constantly developing our technical and technological potential. The knowledge, experience and skills that we possess guarantee the highest quality of service offered, as well as the full satisfaction and contentment of our clients.

Security analysis

All our projects are subject to verification in terms of the safety of the slide and are tested with use of our proprietary digital motion simulation software.

Safety tests for all the slides designed by us are carried out using our “Slidebuster” – a digital model of a man who is not afraid of even the most extreme slide.

We carry out concepts and designs of water parks

Water playgrounds become an amazing attraction providing great fun and active time for the whole family on hot days. Playing in water is a pleasure, not only for children, but also for their caregivers. Installations of this type are designed on beaches, in outdoor pools and indoor swimming pools.

Our projects can be tested in a large part of Europe.

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