System of supporting structures

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The amount of tasks and unbelievably short deadlines for each of our projects have encouraged us to develop the first fully parameterized system of support structures for slides, thus allowing us to better implement concepts and designs.

At first glance, this task may seem simple, but in practical terms it turned out that the “simple” trigonometry can, at times, become more difficult than expected. The number of variables and extremely complicated spatial shapes of the slides made it seem as though sine, cosine, tangent, and cotangent had almost become members of our team.

Many restless nights with tangent heavy on our minds and here it is. The first element which as a result of numerous calculations supports the lane of the slide in a way assumed by the designer is ready. After a few weeks of intensified work, we managed to create a full range of parameterized elements and enter all of them into our system to generate the course of the slide.


Our principle is:

“Repetitive tasks can be left to the machine, it won’t get bored.”

As part of this idea, we built further components of our system.

The next stage of our work was completed by combining the constituents into one “organism”. We are currently working on the automation of the process of introducing changes to the project while maintaining the design assumptions. Here, for example, according to the program  slide supports are compatible with the column to which they are assigned.

Due to the solutions applied, we exclude the possibility of human error in the design stage. The time we have gained can be spent on modelling unique sets of slides.

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