Sometimes a man comes up with a fantastic idea. Everyone loves this feeling. It’s even nicer when the idea turns out to be a success and life verifies it positively.


Usually, in foreign projects that sometimes get to us, the safety analysis of the slide is either not done at all, or it is done only briefly. We did not come across the calculations of a slide other than the tube. You fall into such a thing and you simply must hope that the designer had a good feeling about it, or that enough people have successfully reached the exit before you.


It took us a long time to search for the right solution allowing a reliable security analysis, only to find that it was nonexistent.


So we decided to do it ourselves. The first tests went quite smoothly. Later on, however, it was not as easy as we assumed, but we made the first virtual slides. We gathered the results and compared them with reality. The tests gave the correct results. We have implemented algorithms for our software and now we can verify the safety of slides of virtually any type and kind.

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