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Water slides in VR technology

Virtual reality is nothing new. It was expected to appear in books and science-fiction movies, and the first attempts to make it happen were made decades ago. Everything, however, indicates that today we are standing at the threshold of this revolution and we can begin to wonder what virtual reality can really be used for. […]


Digital slide simulation

  With changes in the economy, the expectations of consumers are also growing. More and more clients pay special attention to safety. Due to the lack of availability of commercial safety tests on the market so far, and due to the lack of reliable verification methods based on the PN-EN1069 standard, we have started the […]

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How to check security?

Sometimes a man comes up with a fantastic idea. Everyone loves this feeling. It’s even nicer when the idea turns out to be a success and life verifies it positively.   Usually, in foreign projects that sometimes get to us, the safety analysis of the slide is either not done at all, or it is […]

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How did they ever do without 3D?

Watching some sets of slides you can ask yourself “How did they ever do it?” After reviewing projects from over a dozen years ago, we have come to the conclusion that nobody at that time was able to design such a assortment of pipes as is possible today.   Drawing a single slide is not […]

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System of supporting structures

The amount of tasks and unbelievably short deadlines for each of our projects have encouraged us to develop the first fully parameterized system of support structures for slides, thus allowing us to better implement concepts and designs. At first glance, this task may seem simple, but in practical terms it turned out that the “simple” […]