How did they ever do without 3D?

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Watching some sets of slides you can ask yourself “How did they ever do it?”

After reviewing projects from over a dozen years ago, we have come to the conclusion that nobody at that time was able to design such a assortment of pipes as is possible today.


Drawing a single slide is not a problem. We know where to start and where to end, a few loops, security verification and a slide model is ready. The second slide is not difficult either; We move it a little further away from the first and the chance of their collision drops significantly. However, it is a challenge to find the space for the third and fourth ones.


Projections, views, overlaps, multiple revisions. Long hours of calculating slopes and start levels. In order to be able to make complex projects like we do now, we had to spend a few long weeks doing all the necessary calculations. And if this was not enough, when all three slides were already placed, the fourth one no longer fit there and everything had to be done from scratch. Typically, such systems as we currently have were not designed in those days. Most of the archival slides consist of two or three distant pipes connected at the starting point. Currently, we can fit slides with the same parameters on almost three times a smaller area, which allows the investor to build an object that was once completely unattainable.


The fact that we model in 3D from the beginning of the design process may seem like a truism. For people from industries related to construction, this is a standard process. When we started working with slides we were surprised that there was no 3D software to model them. Sure, there are CAD programs for 3D modelling, visualization or manual insertion of elements, but this is post factum. The lengthy and laborious process of inserting segment by segment based on the proposed course is now in the past


Smooth, spatial modelling of the course of the slide, taking into account the environmental conditions, came with our proprietary software. Ever since we made this software, we have come up with some new ideas, and interesting paths of development have appeared, making this process even more automatic.

You can learn more about it in subsequent posts.

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